The right MFP can make your life easier…and your employees happier!

Multifunction printers, more commonly known as MFP’s, allow you to eliminate the need for multiple machines. These products are “all in one” meaning they have copying, printing, scanning, and faxing capabilities….hence the name “multifunction”. These products take up less space and make jobs easier, but selecting the right one for your business is not so easy. When choosing an MFP, keep in mind the following considerations:

· How to improve operational workflow: review your current hardware and determine which machines are breaking down or consistently jamming

· Select an MFP that’s easy to use:  simple to operate, minimal training required

· Analyze the key features to determine a good match for your business: speed, monthly volume, black and white versus color, memory, and graphics tailored to your business

· Don’t forget security: older machines can be a huge security risk; newer MFPs come with enhanced security features

The most sensible solution to finding the right MFP is to contact your Copiers Northwest representative and take advantage of their considerable knowledge that will streamline processes and improve workflow. Contact us today!