Case Study - Seed IP

Who is Seed Intellectual Law Group LLC?

This Seattle-based law firm is one of the leading intellectual property firms in the Pacific Northwest. The 60-year-old firm has over 180 employees including a full-service information technology team to ensure the timely, precise, and secure communication needs of their clients.

Seed IP’s clients vary in size from individuals and start-up companies to established multinational corporations with IP needs ranging from trademark clearance to protecting complex chemical and biotechnology patents.

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Key challenges

• Pushed to go paperless as much as possible, but didn’t want to be locked into long term copier/printer contracts

• Needed to “right size” their desktop printer and copier fleet while maximizing employee efficiency and productivity

• Wanted a business partner that takes network security as seriously as they do

• Pricing was an issue, since the firm was looking to purchase the products instead of leasing

Our Solutions

• Copiers Northwest studied how the firm was was using its copiers and printers before recommending a custom solution

• Recommended a custom designed Canon solution along with PaperCut software to manage volume and reroute jobs to the most efficient copier

• Number of copiers were reduced from 10 to 8 and strategically located throughout the firm office areas

• Desktop printers were reduced from 100 to 10

• Copiers Northwest’s professional staff took the time to understand how this customer liked to do business; determined what was most crucial, and made security a priority


• Dramatically reduced the number of copiers and printers

• Increased employee efficiency

• Made the Director of Technology Services job easier

• Maintained high level of network security

"Copiers Northwest is local and has a stellar reputation. From the beginning, it was obvious they were looking for a relationship and not just a sale. They brought everyone to the initial meeting - - from the salesperson to the engineer and even top management personnel. It’s that personal touch that really won us over. The pricing was where we wanted it to be, and it’s been a smooth and professional relationship. Copiers Northwest has made my job easier; the technology is solid, and I would definitely recommend them."

- Niels Eike, Director of Technology Services, Seed Intellectual Property Law Group, LLC

Download the Seed IP case study here: Seed IP

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