CNW Print Center

Large-Format Graphics With Photographic-Quality Results

Copiers Northwest is one of the few businesses in the USA that offers authorized sales and service for Grand Format printers and through our CNW Print Center, provides output capabilities of a product that is out-of-reach investment-wise for many companies.


Custom Window Coverings

Custom window graphics can enhance your brand and complement your building’s décor. Copiers Northwest’s latest technology offers a practical, innovative and low-cost way to reinforce your marketing message by creating a unique visual experience and making an impression on your customers as they dine or shop. Custom window graphics can accommodate a multitude of colors and recreate any image you desire.

Wall Coverings

Who needs expensive artwork or fancy faux painting to dress up your office, showroom or retail environment?

Inexpensive yet brilliant wall graphics are within your grasp at Copiers Northwest’s Imagination Studio. Bring your marketing concepts and ideas or consult with our Imagination Specialists on how best to utilize these revolutionary products to enhance the visibility of your business.


Floor Graphics

Marketing your business has radically changed over the last decade and innovative methods show no signs of slowing down. Due to technology, the cost and reality of bringing what you thought you could only imagine to life is now available.

Who would of thought floor graphics would be part of a marketing strategy? However, with today’s generations checking their smartphone an average of 80 times per day and scrolling an average 300 feet per day, advertising on any surface is now relevant.

Direct to Substrate Media Printing

In the past, colorful indoor posters have been expensive, take time to create and usually have a short life cycle. Outdoor posters have been practically impossible due to weather conditions.

That’s no longer the case with Copiers Northwest’s OCE’ Colorado and Canon Arizona products. Armed with UVGel technology, these products take only minutes to print bright, colorful posters on paper stock that will stand up to even the harshest conditions.


Grand Format Printing

Grand format printing is big... and, when executed with style & color, your message's impact is BIG, too! Due to the impact of experiential printing with consumers, demand for grand format printing has grown on a "grand" scale. Advertising and creating awareness are best achieved with huge colorful media printed on a variety of media.

CNC Cutter / Router

Colex specializes in wide format cutting equipment for graphic sign, display, P.O.P. and packaging utilizing an extensive line of reliable precision equipment which can be used on a variety of materials. Wide format cutting and finishing is easy with this powerful and versatile cutting system!


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