Case Study - MacDonald Miller

Who is MacDonald Miller?

MacDonald-Miller is a full-service, design-build mechanical contractor with multiple offices and job sites throughout the Pacific Northwest. With over 1,000 employees, 10 locations, and their own prefabrication shop, they’ve helped shape the local landscape for over half a century with buildings that operate in the most efficient manner possible.

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Key challenges

• MacDonald-Miller wanted a strategic technology partner (not just a “vendor”) for multifunction printers (MFPs) and large format printers

• MacDonald-Miller has multiple locations throughout the Pacific Northwest and wanted one partner capable to maintain the equipment, provide emergency service, if needed, and be responsive to changing job sites

• Needed simplified and accurate billing for all jobs that needed to be tracked and billed correctly to a specific job

Our Solutions

• Copiers Northwest provided MacDonald-Miller with simplified and accurate billing and specialized job site requirements:

• Copiers Northwest has a clear understanding of the needs of this customer and how their fleet needs to be managed

• Copiers Northwest manages over 50 pieces of equipment, including MFPs and large format printers at many different jobsites

• All devices are on a managed print service contract so that MacDonaldMiller receives just one monthly invoice

• Invoice includes budget codes for accurate job tracking and bill back

• Copiers Northwest has offices throughout the Pacific Northwest, so third party service organizations is not needed


• Simplified billing on one monthly invoice

• One service provider for all locations throughout the Pacific Northwest

• An understanding of the client’s needs regarding multiple, everchanging job sites

• Reliable world class manufacturers in Canon and HP

• Management and IT staff feel very comfortable and can focus on more strategic initiatives

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“Copiers Northwest has been a valued partner of our business for more than 20 years. They're part of our team in the sense that when you've got a thousand employees and you're generating a lot of information. Copiers, even though they might not be sexy, are the lifeblood of your business. Copiers Northwest provides me a look at what's going on in that industry. I don't have to worry about it. We get a good value, we get a good deal, and they're always looking out for me, looking out for my best interest, making sure that we're not spending too much money or missing an opportunity. It allows me to focus on my own business.”

- Gus Simons, President/CEO, MacDonald-Miller

Download the MacDonald Miller case study here: MacDonald Miller

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