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In the highly competitive world of technology companies, having reliable products that function 100% of the time is not a luxury. It’s mandatory. Decision-making happens at lightening speed and the ability to immediately communicate the results of those decisions to customers and employees is essential. Our extensive experience throughout the technology-savvy Pacific Northwest has led our representatives to work with both big and small tech companies, start-ups, and mature firms.

Copiers Northwest represents world-class manufacturers like HP, Canon and Sharp because we know selecting the right equipment for your specific application is critical. However, keeping it up and running and your staff operating at maximum efficiency requires experienced and skilled technicians. We believe service is more than a department. It’s a culture. So our technicians average over 24 years of industry experience, have multiple certifications and are network savvy. In short, we have the tools and the personnel to help your technology-driven company be more competitive and more profitable.

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Copiers Northwest knows that tech companies have needs that are constantly changing. That’s why we offer flexible acquisition options that don’t have you locked into one piece of equipment or service and support plan. Since we maintain relationships with multiple leasing companies, you can choose:

  • Cost per copy plans where you only pay for the copies you make
  • Customized lease plans
  • Short terms rentals
  • Buy outs of existing equipment
  • FlexPlan - an innovative program that after 12 months allows you to implement a new system with no financial penalty
  • PrintSmart, our innovative managed print services program that removes the burden of managing a printer fleet off of your IT staff and places it on us

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