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Copiers Northwest has 36+ years of experience working with school districts and universities of all sizes, both public and private, throughout Washington and Oregon. We understand the nuances associated with the education environment. Costs need to be controlled and reliability is mandatory.

As one of the USA's premier office technology providers, Copiers Northwest represents only the finest world-class manufacturers, such as Canon, HP and Sharp, and has achieved elite status with each one. That means more buying power and a manufacturer-decorated service department.

Closeup to hand of student  holding pencil and taking exam in classroom with stress for education test.

Copiers Northwest has been built on a service culture second to none. Our technicians average over 24 years in the field. They know how to perform preventative maintenance that limits or completely eliminates the frustration of downtime.

In addition to reliable hardware and experienced, award-winning technicians, Copiers Northwest can also provide:

•  Software solutions that manage workflow, streamline processes and protect sensitive data

•  Interactive whiteboards that incorporate multiple learning features and connect with laptops and mobile devices

•  Budget friendly acquisition plans that monitor and control costs

•  Document management hardware and software that puts data at your fingertips and reduces the need for filing cabinets and off-site storage

•  Network Capabilities


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