Case Study - Seattle Pacific University

Who is SPU?

Seattle Pacific University (SPU) is a private 125-year-old institution with over 4,300 undergraduate and graduate students along with over 700 staff members and faculty. The 40-acre campus borders the Lake Washington Ship Canal and boasts majestic trees, open lawns, beautiful gardens, and views of Mt. Rainier.

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Key challenges

• SPU had a number of issues with its copiers, printers and fax machines, printing approximately five million pages per year

• Multiple manufacturers were represented which meant service and supplies were costly and complex

• Students could only print to the library printers and there was a significant difference in the cost of black and white copies vs. color copies

• Security was a problem when it came to faculty and staff printing exams and confidential documents; nobody could print from mobile devices

• These challenges caused both students and faculty to use off-campus print-for-pay locations to print their documents

Our Solutions

• Copiers Northwest (CNW) provided better hardware and software solutions to reduce costs, improve villing efficiency, ad makes it easier to print, fax, and scan documents

• CNw installed 85 new Sharp MFPs throughout the campus

• Students were already using ID cards to pay for campus expenses. CNW’s Paper Cut MF software integrated easily with the payment system for pay per print student payments

• Paper Cut MF software allows for seamless tracking and billing for printing, copying, faxing, and even scanning

• Students and faculty can now print securely to any network device from anywhere on campus from a mobile device, tablet, or PC

• All Sharp MFPs installed have a familiar control panel so students, faculty, and staff require minimal or no training on the new equipment

• Paper Cut MF solution also monitors usage on all campus devices and properly bills the various departments


• Fewer jobs printed off campus than ever before

• Print management system reduced printing costs and improved productivity for faculty, administrators, and students

• Sharp’s “My Folder Connector” allows users to scan docs to home folder or secured network folders

• Users can cancel jobs directly at MFP, reducing paper & toner waste

• Paper Cut MF’s “Find Me” feature so docs can be sent to an MFP then released when arriving at the device to print out


“Copiers Northwest provided equipment that could do black and white, color, print double-sided, fax and scan all at the same time. Plus, we now have a billing strategy that makes it easy and consistent for faculty, staff members, and students alike. With the Sharp MFPs and Paper Cut MF integration, people have brought more printing jobs back onto campus because it is more convenient, and the quality is what they are looking for.”

- Dave Tindell, Associate VP of Technology Services, Seattle Pacific University

Download the Seattle Pacific University case study here: Seattle Pacific University

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