Case Study - HNN Communities

Who is HNN Communities?

HNN Communities began as a construction company but evolved into developing their communities throughout Washington. HNN builds residences for local communities with quality, and manages them with integrity, including the affordable housing so many neighborhoods need. Through outreach and philanthropy—with housing nonprofits, educational organizations, and resources for underserved families—HNN strives to create diverse and flourishing communities.

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Key challenges

• Due to growth and multiple locations, their printer fleet included a wide range of different manufacturers, models and machine types

• Difficult to track and allocate costs between divisions (even though it was contracted with a 3rd party IT company)

• No ongoing record of maintenance status of fleet

• Service calls and problems reported through several channels, resulting in limited control to follow up

Our Solutions

• Meet with decision makes to determine short-term and long-term objectives

• Devised a plan to liberate HNN from their current supplier

• Remote monitoring attached to each machine to automate supplies and maintenance

• Implemented Copiers Northwest’s Printer Care Plus Program which includes all service when purchasing consumables from CNW

• Specific codes were allocated to specific machines; split billing was implemented on a custom basis so costs could be allocated to each division


• Less staff frustration due to not having to stock toner or generate a P.O. for every service call

• IT personnel are freed up to focus on more strategic corporate initiatives

• All equipment is networked ensuring 24/7 remote monitoring for preventative maintenance and toner levels

• Management has reduced focus on printing and can work on other priorities

• Policies are now set and can be easily implemented as HNN continues to grow

• Employees are more productive due to increased printing efficiency

"Copiers Northwest partnered with HNN Communities to standardize their printing process and allow management and IT personnel to focus on the future."

Download the HNN Communities case study here: HNN Communities

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