Promoting Sustainability in the Workplace

We all live in the same world, and our actions today will determine the world that future generations will have. Although no one person can save the planet and reverse climate change, if we can all focus on the little things we do as individuals, who knows what can happen. Today and into the future, sustainability is the key to our success and your success; not just as a business. We aim to take care of the world we live in. That is why Copiers Northwest not only implements strategies internally to protect our environment, but we also participate with our customers in helping them establish and fulfill their sustainability goals and initiatives.

How to Promote Sustainability in the Workplace

Here are a few tips you can implement in your office or at home when using your copiers or printers.

  • Print on both sides of the page
  • Use the original manufacturer’s toner and ink
  • Opt for recycled paper
  • Ask yourself if this needs to be printed or will a digital version suffice
  • Use environmentally friendly printers and copiers (Copiers Northwest represent manufacturers that are world leaders in sustainability)

In addition, Copiers Northwest offers many document management and paperless office solutions that may be a perfect fit for your business.

Every effort, no matter how small or big, makes a difference and betters our world for future generations. Learn more about sustainability and how our actions can impact our world as well as future generations: What is Sustainability?