Tips for Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Copiers Northwest is extremely proud of annually having a Net Promoter Score that places our customer service in the World Class category. With that experience in mind, we wanted to pass on a few tips to help your company focus on being better at customer service.

· Respond quickly—make it a priority to respond to customer/client inquiries promptly. Otherwise, they’ll think you’re ignoring them.

· Be proactive—don’t just respond to problems. Be proactive and anticipate needs. Be honest and upfront about mistakes and make sure your employees have the resources to deliver proactive customer service

· Know your product and service—product and service knowledge help build better relationships with customers. Make sure all employees are educated on every aspect of your business. The more they know, the more they can help customers.

· Keep your word—You won’t always be able to meet expectations due to unforeseen circumstances, but you should ALWAYS be honest. Your word is your bond. If you can’t keep it or make promises you can’t keep, customers will go away.

· Employ a people-first attitude—make your customers the center of your universe. See individuals, not dollar signs. Recognize and reward loyal customers, listen to feedback, and get to know your customers as human beings.