Strategies to Create a Culture of Engaged Employees

Hiring talented people is only half of the equation if you want to create a culture of engaged employees. Why is it important to have a culture that motivates employees to perform like you want?  Think of the saying, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Here’s a few tips on creating a positive culture in your organization that allows you to consistently outperform your competitors. 

Create Challenging and Interesting Tasks–When tasks are meaningful, motivating, and interesting, employees can stay focused and grow in their roles. Bored employees get distracted easily, make silly mistakes, and feel less connected to their work. Be sure to ask each employee how you can help them get more satisfaction from what they’re doing. 

Value Your Employees—This may sound obvious, but it’s more than just paying them well and providing benefits. It’s understanding their objectives and goals and creating opportunities to achieve them. 

Ask For Feedback And Act On It–When companies listen to their employees, they can easily identify areas for improvement and growth. When employee-suggested adjustments are made, that positively impacts everyone. 

Show Your Appreciation—This can take many forms outside of compensation. It could mean hosting company events and team building exercises. Additional, more meaningful ways to show your appreciation include showing you care about their family and personal lives like allowing them time off to take kids to the doctor or supporting a non-profit they’re involved with. 

Create Career Growth Opportunities—Companies that aren’t good at creating career paths for their people see great talent walking out the door. You don’t always have to hire within, but make sure to inform employees of career growth options, give meaningful feedback and, where possible, promote internally. This goes back to understanding your employees’ goals. 

Demonstrate IntegrityIntegrity encompasses ethics, honor, honesty, and dependability. When you say you’re going to do something, do it. If you can’t deliver on a promise, explain why. Integrity and honesty create an environment of teamwork, trust, and compassion. 

In this time of “The Great Resignation” you want to create engaged employees. The more engaged they are, the more creative, dynamic, and productive they will be. If you would like to discuss this topic more, contact your Copiers Northwest representative.