Fostering a Positive Work Environment

Fostering a positive work environment at the Copiers Northwest company lunch

We understand the importance of fostering a positive work environment; not only for the benefit of our employees but for the benefit of our customers. It is community that encourages and helps individuals grow throughout their life and their career; a network of references… and also a team of resources for support, to ask questions, to help them be the best they can be, and most importantly, to make everyone feel welcomed.

That is why at Copiers Northwest, we prioritize building up our community to create a close-knit, safe, and inviting environment that makes people feel good about coming to work and helping customers be more competitive.

Why Foster a Positive Workplace Environment?

It is vital to recognize that employees expect us to work for them as much as they work for us. But for employees, finding this type of workplace culture that fits their needs, supports them, and their career, can be as hard to find as finding the right printing solution. However, it is worth the search because when they find one, it will be the difference between night and day. Fostering a positive workplace makes everyone feel valued and heard, and passing on that experience to customers. You’ll see that people are more willing to share ideas, knowledge, help each other out, and deliver New Ideas and New Solutions. People will feel more excited to come to work; an attribute you’ll see in project outputs.

Creating a Community That Cares

Copiers Northwest believes that creating this type of environment for our employees starts with appreciation. Taking the time to get to know who our employees are, their values, their strengths, weaknesses, and more importantly getting to know them personally. Community isn’t built in a day, nor can it be done by one person; you must integrate this philosophy into your everyday practices. That is what we at Copiers Northwest are doing, celebrating and spending time with our employees.

A Culture We Stand By – 35 Years of Community

On August 18th, Copiers Northwest celebrated being in business for 35 years and we are thankful for every single person here that has been a part of our journey. Community has always been important to us and after being isolated for so long, we are glad to get everyone together again in a safe manner. Over the past few months, Copiers Northwest has had the opportunity to host a few outdoor company lunches for our employees before the most recent restrictions; from our Hawaiian themed BBQ to our Sharp Partnership event. It was exciting to gather after such a long time, eat good food, enjoy quality conversation, and play games.

Whatever the occasion, the time spent getting to know those you work with is worthwhile, and we stand by continuing to promote a community of encouragement, growth, and support.