Must Read: "#OccupyIT: A Technology Manifesto…" by AIIM

If you have anything to do at all with information, data, records, compliance, social media or any other form of communication within your organization, you should read this short book by AIIM President John Mancini.

#OccupyIT: A Technology Manifesto for Cloud, Mobile and Social Era” prescribes a framework for anyone tasked with getting business value from information — to rethink technology investment and reclaim IT.

The five demands of the #OccupyIT Manifesto outlined in the book are:
Protest SignDemand #1 – Commit to the cloud to become faster, more agile and innovative.
Demand #2 – Mobilize everything to have more access, more often.
Demand #3 – Make the business social to increase meaningful engagement.
Demand #4 – Digitize anything that moves to improve responsiveness.
Demand #5 – Prepare for extreme information management by securing the right expertise.

Each chapter is spot on in the different areas of information management demands of today and into the future. Whether you are well ahead of the game, halfway there, or completely feeling railroaded by the avalanche of information, there is something in here that you’re probably not thinking of…but should be!

If you need to delve deeper into any area, contact Copiers Northwest and our BluZEBRA division will be able to help you navigate the Cloud, Mobile and Social Era that is upon us.

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