Which printer is better for your needs? Inkjet or Laser?

For as long as they’ve been around, the question for businesspeople has been “which type of printer is better for my workplace, laser or inkjet?” Here are a few benefits of each to help you decide:

Laser printers are better for larger workplaces that print high volumes of documents.

More pros of laser printers are:

· Faster speeds and can handle large print volumes

· Produces high quality text on any type of paper

· Lower operating cost per page

The pros for inkjet printers include:

· More affordable option upfront due to a lower acquisition cost

· More versatile with the ability to print on a wider variety of media

· More suited at printing photos and graphics

Of course, your best decision would be to contact your knowledgeable Copiers Northwest representative to address your options and help select the best type of printer for each situation. Be sure to ask about Copiers Northwest’s exclusive Printer Care Plus Program in which all service, labor, parts, and much more are included with your printer acquisition. Contact us today!