Does your office need a Multifunction (MFP) printer? Here are some signs that these devices would benefit you…

Side view portrait of young businesswoman scanning documents while working in office, copy space

It’s a known fact that information and technological advancements are growing exponentially. You now depend heavily on your office equipment for increased employee productivity, to save time and to distribute information both inside and outside your organization. However, many businesses are still using multiple pieces of office equipment when they could be using just one; a multifunction printer, more commonly known today as an MFP that combines copying, scanning, printing, and faxing functions.

Here are some signs your business needs an MFP:

· Your copiers, printers, and other devices take up a lot of office real estate

· There are long lines at your copiers and printers

· You’re growing faster than the capabilities of your office technology

· You want your staff to be able to access documents from anywhere

· You want to digitize your workflow

MFP’s provide many benefits including:

· Space savings

· Reduced operating costs

· More efficient workflow

· Improved printer security

If your business is ready to step up to an MFP, contact your local Copiers Northwest representative to learn about the wide range of MFP’s available through the world-class manufacturers we represent like Canon, Sharp, and HP.