What Happens to Your old Copiers?

Ever wonder what happens to your old copy machines and printers? Today’s output devices like copiers, printers, and MFPs have a hard drive that captures all the data scanned or printed since it was put into use. That’s why at Copiers Northwest, the very first thing we do when these devices are returned is scrub the hard drive clean. This keeps your employee records, financial documents, and other sensitive data secure.

Once the hard drive is wiped clean, approximately 25% of the previously owned or leased equipment is refurbished at our state-of-the-art Distribution Center. Since most of the devices were under a Copiers Northwest service contract and maintained by our experienced service personnel, they operate like new. These devices become a perfect solution for non-profit organizations and other customers that are on a tight budget and don’t need all the bells and whistles of the newer models.

For more information on what happens to your old printing device, ask your Copiers Northwest representative – https://copiersnw.com/locations/