International Stress Awareness Week is November 7th-11th!

It’s common knowledge that stress forces individuals to make decisions they wouldn’t ordinarily make when not stressed-out. The week of November 7-11 has been designated International Stress Awareness Week in hopes of helping people realize when they are stressed and allowing them to cope with it or even prevent it.

The pandemic, along with the stay-at-home orders, caused an increase in mental health issues, particularly loneliness and grief. It’s reported that 74% of people are unable to deal with the levels of stress in their lives making this year’s International Stress Awareness Week critical.

According to the Mental Health Foundation and American Institute of Stress, the most common causes of stress include:

· Pressure to Succeed—60% Young Adults

· Self-image—49% Young Adults

· Health—36% of Adults

· Body Image—36% Women & 23% Men

· Housing—32% of Young Adults

· Work—26% of Adults

· Debt—22% of Adults

These are staggering statistics that can potentially cause burnout in the workplace and even lead to suicidal thoughts. Experts have remedies for stress that include:

· Talk to someone you trust about your feelings and concerns

· Take time to unwind

· Take care of your body

· Read a book

· Listen to music

· Enjoy the little things in life

Of course, if anxiety and levels of stress can’t be overcome, seeking professional help should be considered. For more information on identifying stress and managing it, visit