Our RapidScreen Kiosks are the fastest and most accurate thermal temperature scanner system on the market!​​​​​​​
Stop the spread of COVID-19 and open your organization safely with Copiers Northwest‘s fully automated, 100% contactless temperature scanner. RapidScreen Temperature Screening Kiosks quickly scan consumers and employees providing real-time protection and a safe environment to reduce the spread of viruses. Our All-In-One Kiosks are FDA recommended and adhere to CDC and EEOC guidelines. 
RapidScreen Kiosks read temperatures in less than
2 seconds from up to 3 feet away!
​​RapidScreen Temperature Screening Kiosks are designed to instill a sense of trust and safety in people across industries as we resume everyday activities, and public gatherings post COVID-19. allowing individuals to be quickly and efficiently scranned to enter stores, schools, and work, in a cost effective, efficient, and safe way.​​​​​​​
RapidScreen Temperature Screening Kiosks:
• Reduce risk of access by infected persons
• Are more hygienic than hand held thermometers that require physical contact
​​​​​​​• Reduce stress and anxiety for consumers, employees and guests
• Able to integrate kiosk with access controls & applications
• Includes One-Year Warranty
Our innovative Smart Pass Software option can provide advanced online tools to provide you an overview of your devices and online status. View data analytics on face scans, history, real-time data, and employee attendance records and statistics. There is a visitor management interface to view, add, or export visitor information, as well. For a video with more details, click here.
Offline & Online Facial Detection  • Fever Alarm • Works with Protective Masks
WIFI Connectivity • 100% Contactless • Wall, Counter & Floor Height Options
Optional Hand Sanitizer Add-On
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School Reopening Guidelines
mandated by the
State of Washington:
•   Requirement to temp scan all students, faculty, administrators and visitors on all public campuses
•   All public school districts have been provided special funding for the use of PPE procurement.
Time SavingTestimonial from . . .
. . . A Large School District
Lead administrators conducted a time trial on the hand-held temp scanners requiring 1600 students to enter the local high school daily.
Handhelds: Took 4 hours to process all 1600 students.
RapidScreen: Took 13 minutes to process all 1600 students (using 4 units).
Students were in class 3 hours and 45 minutes faster by using our RapidScreen Kiosk!
Please contact me today so I can help you get safely back to business with our RapidScreen Temperature Screening Kiosks. They are in stock, ready for immediate delivery!