Putting the Special in Specialists

Technology cannot create change. That’s where our PrintSmart Solution Specialists come in. Check out these bios and we think you will have to agree: Copiers Northwest PrintSmart Solution Specialists can help you make a difference in how your organization manages the paper chase–not only because they are great at what they do, but also because they are great at who they are.

Kirsten Bray, Part Gumshoe, Part Guide
When PrintSmart is the house, Kirsten Bray is on the case. Although a newcomer to Copiers Northwest, Bray is a 14-year veteran of the imaging and printing industry. (Which is to say, Kirsten knows her stuff and then some— including plenty of ways she can help you deal with perilous processes before they deal with you.) “It’s actually the common business processes you should worry about: processing purchase orders or handling new-hire paperwork–stuff you do every day, all day. When you’ve got a problem with a routine process, you can count on somebody throwing technology at it.” She knows that acquiring hardware simply to fix problems gets pricey.

A better way, Kirsten says, is to “find the right solution for your organization by looking closely at people, processes, hardware, and software. It’s typically the processes, not the people, at the core of the problem. After a good, hard look, we can usually rework a flow by leveraging technologies you already have.” Next stop: software and applications. These resources are typically underutilized in many organizations because no one knows that they are there. Kirsten believes that by identifying them and their place in the workflow, you can streamline with little to no additional investment.

Whether helping clients to clear the air, or to clear their over-provisioned, messy printing networks and workflows, Kirsten Bray is all about the flow. And also about enjoying life with her husband and son… and planning that special trip to Italy in June.

Jeff Rathbun, the Man with the Mathematical Mind
Jeff Rathbun is no stranger to choosing change for the better. An electrical engineer by trade, he began his career designing naval radar systems. But when Jeff discovered Seattle and Copiers Northwest some 18 years ago, he knew he was home. After managing the firm’s sales force for years, Rathbun discovered a passion for business process optimization and has never looked back. “Most broken business processes involve paper. Collaborating with clients to find new ways to work inevitably helps them better utilize their existing printing assets and reduce their carbon footprint. That’s the piece that keeps me going, the sustainability.”

But Jeff’s enthusiasm and mission don’t end there. “I want my clients to understand the total cost of printing. It is so much more than the price of the hardware or the supplies.” He helps clients look at the cost of ownership across a printer’s lifetime, not just the acquisition or ink and toner costs.

Make no mistake; this is a guy who lives to fix things. Whether it is common misconceptions, inefficient business processes, or the old house he is lovingly restoring — you can count on Jeff Rathbun to get the job done. Stay tuned for our next blog, when you’ll hear more wisdom from Jeff about the myths of printing costs.

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