Managers play an important role in improving culture…

Culture has become a critical element in the success of businesses these days. This is the second in a series of helpful hints that can improve your company’s performance and help make it immune from post pandemic catch phrases such as “Quit Quitting” and “The Great Resignation.”  play a crucial role in improving company culture and the overall success of a business. Here’s three ways managers can improve company culture.

• Create opportunities for employees to connect:   Strengthening relationships between employees creates stronger teams, improves performance, and boosts productivity. Connections come in a variety of ways from hosting lunches to formal team-building exercises. If you have employees working remotely, don’t forget to include them.

• Understand career goals:   The most common reason employees leave is for better career opportunities. Helping employees advance in their career can be done during 1:1 meetings by discussing their short and long term goals. If career advancement is limited within your organization, provide your direct reports with training opportunities.

• Make recognition an important part of your culture:   Financial rewards are nice, but recognition plays a huge role when it comes to boosting morale and performance. It provides a sense of accomplishment and motivates other employees to strive for recognition of their own. Simple plaques saying “Employee of the Month” or “Salesperson of the Month” are always proudly displayed in cubicles and offices throughout all industries.

These are just a few tips on how managers can impact employees and improve the company’s overall culture. If you wish to discuss this in further detail, contact your Copiers Northwest representative.