Did you know:

•   Email is the #1 point of intrusion for data threats

•   58% admit to email accidents

•   23% open aggressor emails

•   75% data breaches are from weak or stolen passwords

•   90% trace back to users

Since many people are currently working from home, Copiers Northwest has been flooded with questions around the challenge of faxing security and file sharing from outside the regular office. We are reaching out personally to every current customer to make sure their technology needs are addressed and share some unique solutions we have for addressing these needs.

Why fax? Faxing is critical for many industries which still require faxing to send and receive confidential documents…healthcare, financial institutions, insurance, HR departments, law offices, and any company sending documents which require a signature. Legal compliance for SOX, HIPAA, PCI GDPR and FERPA impose restrictions on how certain information must be handled and stored securely.

Copiers Northwest partners with the leader in Digital Fax and Secure File Transfer, XMedius Fax and XM SendSecure, to enable our clients to continue business at home during this changed business climate and keep our businesses up and running.

With Copiers Northwest‘s digital fax and secure storage solutions you can:

•   Fax from home on any mobile device – laptops, phones and tablets

•   Electronically sign documents

•   Forward faxes via Email

•   Meet HIPAA confidentiality/security requirements

•   “Print to fax” if possible

•   Enable their HR department to fax confidential documents

By switching to one of our XMedius digital solutions, everyone will be able to send & receive faxes and files anywhere with their laptops, phones, and tablets. Your company can be assured that their data is protected, your workforce stays efficient, and your communications stay secured.

Copiers Northwest can set you up with a fax solution that fulfills your needs and can be put into place very quickly! Call us for a zero-cost 15-minute phone assessment at your convenience. Click here to learn more about our custom software solutions.

Click above to View VIDEO
Click above to View VIDEO
Reliable, secure and easy to use,
our software-based online fax solutions allow secure
transmission of highly
sensitive documents.
Perfect for organizations
needing to exchange files
in a secure environment while ensuring that those files remain confidential.​​​​​​​