ENX Magazine April 2019 Issue

Looks like we are being noticed. ENX Magazine did an interesting article on us.

Check out the article entitled Pushing the Needle Skyward: In a City of Pinnacle Achievers, Copiers Northwest is Another Success Story by Erik Cagle.

Below is a snippet of the article:

“With the Seattle Space Needle looming in the backdrop of the company’s block-wide main campus, Copiers Northwest has some impressive technology and retail heavyweight neighbors in the form of Amazon and Facebook, with Microsoft a short distance away and Google soon to set up shop as well.

But as the accompanying piece on Copiers Northwest illustrates, this is not your garden variety office technology dealership. Sure, it has many of the traditional product offerings from Canon, Sharp, HP, Konica Minolta, Lexmark and others, but its burgeoning foray into production printing and its newly-christened Imagination Studio helps extend the boundaries of what is possible. Its Canon relationship has fostered much of the growth, representing more than 60 percent of the firm’s equipment sales.

From its humble beginnings as a seller of Panasonic copier and fax machines in 1986 to a $50 million performer with 235 employees and 12 facilities today, Copiers Northwest has amassed a technical knowledge base of individuals who help fortify its army of 50-plus sales reps. Whether it’s managed print and IT services, MFPs and copiers, wide/grand-format and production print, data security and business process optimization, Copiers Northwest can respond to virtually any client need. Plus, the aforementioned Imagination Studio—when it’s not leaving visiting customers with their mouths agape—can provide that roadmap to exciting and new opportunities beyond toner on paper.

We sat down with CEO Mark Petrie and President Gregg Petrie to gain insight into how the dealership has leveraged its relationship with Canon to gain a stronghold in the Great Northwest.”

You can read the entire article here.