We’re so proud of this group for coming together to think big! Supply Surge will make an impact for the students who need our help the most, and we’ve stepped up with over 35 other businesses to help us do more for more and turn our school supply drive into a force for good in the communities we serve. With schools starting online this year, our goal with the Supply Surge is to support the distribution method they already have in place rather than create a new one for them. For example, some of the schools are creating personalized learning kits for every student and then sending them directly to their homes – our supplies will arrive in time for them to be able to incorporate our supplies into their already planned process for this.  Another example is an onsite resource event where students come to pick up their laptop, wifi, and school supplies.  Overall, our goal was to fit into whatever each of the schools already had in place so as to not create additional work for them – something we’ll achieve and the school personnel are extremely grateful for! In 2019, with the support of our South Lake Union neighbors, Supply Surge collected over 195,000 supplies for 9,300+ local students with the highest need giving homeless and underserved youth in our communities the tools needed to succeed throughout the school year. This year, all donations will be made online at our Supply Surge site – making it easier than ever to participate! Now more than ever, we’re inspired to fuse our strengths to do more for more once again. Together, we’ll help raise achievement levels for youth grades K – 5 in our region one donation at a time! Thank you to our employees, customers, and community for supporting this important program for local students!