Managed Print Services

Most businesses have no idea what they are spending on office technology because service, supply costs, repairs, Help Desk costs, print driver maintenance, equipment purchases and depreciation are buried in multiple budget line items.

However, industry experts have concluded that office printing consumes an average of 3% of a company’s annual revenues. In addition, 30% of all IT/Help Desk calls and 55% of network traffic are printing related.

It’s a fact that document output costs are significant and growing. To make matters worse, color printing is increasing which is noteworthy because color can cost ten times that of black and white. PrintSmart allows you to bundle all your document output devices into one package, with one invoice, one low cost per print and one point of accountability. PrintSmart frees up your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives and other business enhancing processes instead of trouble-shooting and fixing printers or running to the local office supply store to purchase toner cartridges.

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PrintSmart: An Easy, Customer Friendly Process

Analyze – To take advantage of Copiers Northwest’s managed print services expertise and our knowledge of document creation and workflow, your initial step is a DocuStudy. The Copiers Northwest DocuStudy is a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s current printing environment. We analyze your workflow, provide a detailed map of your printer assets, count your supply inventory and report back on the associated output volumes.

Strategize – Following the DocuStudy, our team of experts present our findings which include addressing your current Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and usage levels for all network output devices, pointing out redundant and costly-to-operate printers and reviewing user needs and unique applications.

Recommend – Armed with detailed information, our team collaborates to create recommendations to optimize your environment. Our recommendations don’t necessarily include placing new equipment. We have found that our PrintSmart program is often effective when recommending simple repositioning of underutilized systems, leveraging workgroup opportunities and bundling your existing fleet of printers and MFP’s into one uniform, cost-effective, easy to budget program.

Implement – The implementation process is simple since we are using most of your current output devices. If new systems are required, they are installed by our team of print experts and print drivers are added to all end-user systems to route jobs to appropriate printers or MFP’s. Before implementation is complete, internal meetings are recommended with your IT staff to assure network standards and security requirements are met. Then, using the same software that collected the initial data, monthly meter reads are forwarded to Copiers Northwest, eliminating that burden for our customers.

Manage – With the monitoring system in place, our goal is to continuously improve your printing operations. We meet with our PrintSmart clients regularly to review our invoicing and billing procedures, chart our performance, address growth needs and refresh aging technology to further optimize efficiency.