The immediate need for business leaders to convert from an “unmanaged” to a “managed” print environment is supported by three compelling factors:

1. Economic Conditions – Today’s economy has forced companies to review their capital and operating expenses with less “disposable” funds than in the past.

2. Technology Advancements – The evolution of office automation now provides C Level executives with advanced usage and expense monitoring capabilities to control print related costs.

3. Industry Standards & Facts – The market research from well-respected industry consulting firms such as Gartner, IDC, and Photizo confirms the need for organizations large and small to consider Managed Print Services.

The migration from copies to print is starting to be vastly realized as cost effective for business’s and will be approaching accounts with the following value propositions.

So, why now? Here are the popular business outcomes that make managed print a compelling business opportunity in today’s economy

    Cost Reduction – most managed print programs save customers from 10 – 40%
    Automated Cost Visibility – with detailed reporting on print volumes and related expenses by device and by user.
    Expense Control & Fulfillment – no more reactive supplies ordering with advance notice and management of on-site inventory by make, model and location.
    Proactive On-Site Service – advance notification of hardware issues reduces downtime and internal resources required to respond to print problems
    Vendor Consolidation – with one source for hardware, software, service and print related consumables
    Less Invoices – customers enjoy one invoice with an organized summary of all their office printing expenses
    Less Strain on IT – now IT professionals can focus on mission critical activities without print related distractions
    Enhanced Security & Compliance – with new print management technology and less technicians gaining access to your customer’s facility
    Sustainability Benefits – with a greener approach to printing including cartridge recycling and print reduction opportunities
    End User Productivity & Satisfaction – with the right workflow, output devices and proactive maintenance, people can complete tasks faster and easier.
    No Capital Expense – since there is no capital outlay required, your customers can easily adopt your program as an operating expense.

Companies large and small can benefit from a more contemporary print strategy. Regardless of size, vertical, or business scope, there is an undeniable need for companies to review their current print strategy and understand the benefits of making the shift from an “unmanaged” to a “managed” print environment.

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