The Importance of Servicing Your Copier

The copy machine in almost every office is one of the most used pieces of office equipment. When it breaks down it can cause major delays and frustrations. Jammed paper, spilled ink, and destroyed documents typically happen when you really need things done quickly, and deadlines are approaching.

Keeping your office equipment running smoothly with regularly scheduled maintenance can be the key to keeping your office running efficiently and smoothly. Copy machines have a lot of moving parts and they need to be cared for and checked on.  Sensors need replacing periodically and, depending on what make and model copier you have, you may need a software update from time to time. A properly maintained copy machine can help your business reach new it’s goals.

Humans are bound to make a few mistakes. Someone may order the wrong toner, or the wrong size paper may be loaded in the wrong spot creating a major jam. When this happens it’s important to have a relationship with a copy machine servicing company you can trust to fix the problem quickly and right – the first time!

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