Printsmart – Come Full Circle

Printsmart is a unique product Copiers Northwest offers customers to help manage their print services.

DocuStudy is the first step in the Printsmart process. DocuStudy helps evaluate your business’s printing environment. Analyzing your current workflow helps predict problem areas and evaluates your workflow. It helps map out your printer assets, can help count supplies and inventory and provides a report on output volume.

After DocuStudy, our printing experts can take the information gathered and figure out a cost-effective plan that will help your company get the most out of your printing machines. We’ll determine your Total Cost of Ownership, (TCO) your office’s usage levels and we can help identify areas where costs can be cut.

We take the information collected from our programs and help put together detailed recommendations to help optimize your office environments. If you need new equipment, we can make recommendations, but sometimes that it not the case. We’ll help you utilize your existing systems to the best of their abilities, and help show you how supplemental technologies can help you out. We’ll recommend a well-balanced program that is cost-effective and easy to budget.

The process to implement our recommendations is usually very easy since we’ll be using your current systems. If your company needs new systems, our expert print team will install it and route everything correctly. Our experts will take care of everything and help implement measurement tools to help keep track of monthly progress and reports.

After implementation, monitoring will be in place. This monitoring will help your productivity continually grow as everything can be monitored. Our experts can regularly meet with clients to review invoicing and billing procedures, chart growth and look for opportunities and growth.

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