On December 7, the Graph Expo Highlight Reel known as Print Connect 2016 brought together technology and products from Canon/Oce´, Konica Minolta, EFI, MGI, Duplo and Mohawk for some of the top companies in Seattle and the surrounding area. Attendees were treated to live product demonstrations, received 2,000 free color prints from the Canon Color ImagePress C10000 and a gift certificate to Anthony’s Homeport for making the trip to the Copiers Northwest production annex in downtown Seattle.

Both the morning and afternoon sessions were well attended by companies from a range of industries including: commercial printing, insurance, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and distribution. One of the highlights of the day was the keynote presentation by color expert and inventor of G7 certification, Don Hutcheson. In simple terms, G7 achieves a neutral grey and defines a common appearance of color on a variety of substrates. Don complimented CNW for using a light booth that utilizes a D50 bulb for the most accurate color viewing.

Don discussed the evolution of digital color printing as an extension of photographic technology, emphasizing that it is best to edit in RGB not CMYK and that the gamut compression process encompasses three steps:

1. Calibrate or linearize to stabilize the system
2. Characterize the print universe
3. Create a profile

He also explained how ICC color management from CIELAB revolutionized pre-press in 1996 and led to “Standard Print Appearance”, ISO 12647-2 and the GRACOL project in 2004. Don reiterated that true full color management requires both ICC and G7, but that gray is the one color that can be right or wrong throughout the tonal scale based on “chromatic adaptation”. He also emphasized that color curves are very powerful in the color matching and profiling process.

EFI had three representatives on-hand to demonstrate their Color Profiling Suite, Digital Store-Front, Fiery Print Controllers and industry standard workflows.
Canon, Konica Minolta and Duplo representatives were present to demonstrate features, advantages and benefits of their product solutions.

A notable product highlight of the show was the unveiling of the new CNW Canon/Oce´ Arizona grand format UV ink jet device, one of the first of its kind in Seattle. This device is capable of printing on a variety of substrates including, paper, polymers, wood, glass and ceramic!

The Canon C10000 and next generation i300 ink jet technology also generated a lot of interest and energy from the crowd as did the strategic partner concourse which highlighted software solutions from EFI and substrate options from WCP solutions.

Overall an exciting and informative event leaving attendees looking forward to Print Connect 2017!