Many companies claim that they have the “Best service in the business” but few have a way to measure how happy customers are. At Copiers Northwest we have a system that allows us to capture feedback for every service call. We use the Net Promoter Score system ( For the past decade, Copiers Northwest  has contracted with CEO Juice to provide a Net Promoter Score for our service. Customers who have received service from us are randomly selected each month to receive a questionnaire rating the service call. Scores can range from -100 to 100. Scores from 0-50 are considered good, 50-70 excellent and 70+ receive a “world class” service rating. Our average for those 10 years is 85.0. In 2020, Copiers Northwest had an average Net Promoter Score of 96.4 and in four of the months received a perfect 100!

How has Copiers Northwest achieved a “World Class” Service Rating?

Many factors go into Copiers Northwest receiving these astonishingly high Net Promoter Scores consistently. First and foremost is the 35-year culture of service that was established Day One at Copiers Northwest . Our technicians now average 23 years in the field and not only know how to fix your equipment, they know how to fix customers by asking relevant questions and making sure our customers are completely satisfied before they leave. So, while many of our competitors have sold to public companies that place a high value on profitability and shareholder value, Copiers Northwest has remained independent. That means we can make decisions at a local level that benefit customers and keep them coming back year after year.

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