As we all know, nonprofit organizations rely on donations as typically they can’t make a profit from the problems they solve. They must make the most of the money donated to them and cutting unnecessary overhead costs is one way they can succeed at this.

Bringing your print management in-house can help alleviate high costs for outsourcing printing management to third parties. It’s 2017, and commercial printers can print on various types of materials, in wide-format or even double-sided for all your marketing needs, without paying high costs to outsource the job.

Creating your own schedule and prioritizing production based print jobs is in your best interest for a successful campaign as you will be more invested than third parties who have multiple print jobs to complete. These third parties can sometimes take days or weeks to produce, print, fold, insert and ship for mailing. You won’t be paying for mark-ups or processing fees and can produce and mail the very same day without relying on delivery to your location (and possible delivery costs).

Copiers Northwest has a range of innovative, high-volume printers and allows even the most non-technical savvy person to operate. They even have built-in technology which will delete duplicate print jobs and select the highest quality print settings for each individual job.

Multi-function printers scan, copy and sometimes fax leading to efficient, stream-lined print jobs. MFP’s can securely store and organize files such as financial records, donor lists and other administration records.
The cheaper alternative to laser printing is inkjet, the main reason being laser toner cartridge replacement is costly, although you won’t have to replace the laser toner anywhere near as much as you do with inkjet. Make sure you make the right decision for your organization by speaking to a reputable copier dealer. If you’d prefer laser toner and color isn’t a priority, think about using monochrome for smooth, strong, crisp, sharp looking black and white printing without the cost of color toner.

Copiers Northwest has been operating for over 30 years in the Pacific Northwest region and various nonprofits have been among their clients. Contact Copiers Northwest today to speak to a representative about your printing needs.

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