Managed Print Services (MPS) by the Numbers

According to paper published by Hewlett Packard:

  • Business spend between 1% and 3% of their revenue on printing/copying
  • Managed print services can provide savings of 13%-40%, with average of 23%
  • Most businesses can save up to 30% if they properly manage their fleets of copiers and printers
  • 23% of IT help desk calls are printer/copier related

Want to find out how much you’re spending? Want to find out if you can realize a 13%-40% savings? Begin with a DocuStudy from one of Copier Northwest’s Managed Print Consultants.

Copiers Norhtwest's Approach to Managed Print Services

Copiers Northwest’s Approach to Managed Print Services

Measure what you want to improve. Begin with an analysis, create a strategy, end with controlled management.

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