Just Announced – BluZebra Technologies

Copiers Northwest is pleased to announce the latest and most innovative division of CNW, BluZebra Technologies! BluZebra Technologies has been in the works for some time now at our client’s insistence and after careful, systematic implementation, it is finally here. BluZebra Technologies offers a wide range of Managed Network Services that run the gamut from small to large businesses to address everything from Live Virtual 24/7 Help Desk support to Remote Monitoring of servers and desktops to offering our services as a Virtual CIO (vCIO) to construct your technology road map, customized for your business.

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If your company is contemplating implementation or currently involved in Cloud computing, has a SharePoint initiative, looking to create or improve a critical business process or simply looking for a more efficient way of optimizing and managing your IT investment, BluZebra is a strategic partner with whom you should have a conversation.

With 6-8% of a company’s revenue being spent on technology, it can be one of the top three business expenses. BluZebra uses the latest technology that allows one network technician to support 8-12 times the number of computing devices with a higher degree of performance and user satisfaction, all from a remote console.  What if your computer told our system when a problem was about to happen and we fixed it before it broke and you didn’t need to worry about it, or even know about it? Do you see the advantages of leveraging our program for your necessary infrastructure that then lets you focus your energies, efforts and resources on what truly makes you successful as a business?

How does BluZebra fit with Copiers Northwest?

The name “BluZebra Technologies” is unique, unusual, exciting and will allow for endless opportunities for our clients. The new name creates an open space to transfer the positive brand equity of Copiers Northwest to a brand that has the depth and breadth that it brings to prospects and clients. BluZebra Technologies stands out as distinct and different amongst the competition.


  • The color blue is consistent with the Copiers Northwest Brand.
  • The color blue in “color theory” stands for stability, wisdom, trust, confidence and security – words used to describe our relationships with our clients.
  • The color blue is symbolic to our roots in the Pacific Northwest region which is surrounded by the endless possibilities of our waterways and correlates to the endless customizable solutions for our clients.


  • Just like fingerprints, zebras are distinctive and unique with no two being exactly alike. When partnering with BluZebra, the client is individual and varied, just like our approach to offering the customized solution based on their requirements.

  • Zebras travel in herds and at BluZebra, there is an extensive internal team of professional subject matter experts that our clients get to partner with when designing their technology services strategy.
  • Zebras are social by nature – partnering with BluZebra creates a collaborative atmosphere; addressing the most pressing needs and keeping the lines of communication open to accommodate the demands of the future.


  • The word “Technologies” is defined as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.” The team at BluZebra is the expert in the technology arena in today’s plugged in, digital, virtual world. Applying new or optimizing current technology can improve a business process in a more efficient manner than simply adding more personnel to the mix.
  • BluZebra Technologies illustrates that Copiers Northwest has evolved into a much larger services provider than merely office equipment. While CNW has been well known in the region for over 25 years, the name that was so on point no longer does our offerings justice. We are a technology driven solution offerings provider.

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