Feeling burned out or exhausted at work?

The pandemic has taken its toll on many businesspeople over the past two years. While many “essential workers” felt overburdened, employees working from home missed the human interaction. Perhaps it has nothing to do with the pandemic and you feel burned out from heavy workloads, deadline pressures, or a lack of work/life balance. Here’s a few tips to overcome any feeling of burn out or simply remind you of the priorities in your life.

Treat Yourself To A Vacation

There’s a humorous commercial that says. “Time to get away?” However, sometimes it’s not really that funny and a good vacation is what you need. Many honestly believe that taking a vacation is impossible…because either the work will still be there when you return or rose, the work will get done and you’re not needed. If you believe in either of these scenarios, it’s definitely time to take a vacation!

Change Your Routine

Unless you’re working on an assembly line, your work should not feel like a routine. If it does, alter it to create some excitement and fresh challenges. This could be as simple as taking a new route to work or asking for different responsibilities.

Talk To Someone You Trust

This confidant could be a close friend, relative, or partner. They may not be able to solve any burnout issues, but it provides an opportunity for you unburden yourself. Another benefit is they’ll most likely be flattered you consider them close enough to talk to about such personal matters.

Take Care Of Yourself

Many comfort themselves during stressful times by eating junk food or binge-watching TV. While these activities may provide fleeting relief, they won’t cure burnout and can actually make you feel worse. So, instead of piling up the pizzas, eat healthy food choices. Create an exercise regime and get at least eight hours of sleep per night. After a few weeks of this, you should feel ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Pursue Other Interests

Burnout can sometimes result from spending too much time at work or devoting too many hours to thinking about work-related issues. Spend time working on your hobbies or take up a new one. Hobbies force you to forget about work, help you relieve stress and relax, enhance your skillset, give you new perspectives, and make you happier. Remember the old saying, “All work and no play…”

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