Choosing a Printer for Your Business

If your business is in the market for a new printer or copier, you may find that there are many to choose from, and it can be hard to pick one. How might you decide which technology and functions will suit your business? It’s important to take a step back from your daily routine and examine how much you’ll be using the printer/copier, what features you need, and what you might run into as your business continues to grow.

There are plenty of cheap printers on the market today. Before you commit to buying a “cheap” printer from any old store, think about what you’re actually buying. Cheap printers typically don’t turn out to be the most affordable printer in the long run. If your business uses a printer/scanner/copier regularly, investing in a high quality machine can save you money long-term and help your business grow with increased productivity levels.  Consider what your company can afford in the budget and narrow your choices down.

After you have considered the price of a printer, the next step will be to find a printer that will work with the size of your office. Will you just be printing a few pages a day? Are you the only person using the printer or will others share the machine as well? Some printers have features specific to multiple users that can be very useful for larger offices. Ethernet capabilities may be helpful for large offices and printing speed while wireless networks can work fine for smaller offices.

Other variables to consider when choosing a printer for your office are printing speed, paper capacity, resolution, and additional functions (scanning, email, fax, etc).

If you are having issues choosing the right printer for your business, Copiers Northwest in Washington and Oregon can help you determine which printing machine will fit your business needs and budget.

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