Print Behavior Changing for the Better

What Is Print Management?

An organization’s document imaging technologies can put a strain on people’s time while being a drain on the bottom line. This leads to two things businesses never want to hear: low return on investment, high total cost of ownership. And then there’s this:

82% of employees report that some of the printing they do at work is optional, that is, it’s either for personal use nor required by the business process (meaning it could be done digitally). –InfoTrends Research

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Considerations for Optimizing Your Print Environment for Cost, Productivity

For most businesses, printing remains an essential part of getting work done. But that doesn’t mean there is no opportunity for cost savings through changing print behavior. Organizations should consider ways they can save money by altering print habits, while weighing any productivity drawbacks resulting from these changes.

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Three Wide Format Technologies Driving Growth Expectations

wide format printing

Understanding which wide format print technologies are seeing the most growth can help IT decision makers become familiar with new capabilities to help their businesses. This blog post will discuss three wide format technologies that are expected to see double-digit compound annual growth rates (in terms of unit sales) over the next few years: single pass aqueous, latex, and UV-curable.

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Connect 2017 Event

Thank you to all who attending our Connect 2017 event. It was a great turnout and we hope to see you at our next big event soon!

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Benefits of Wide Format Print Technology

wide format printers seattle

Having wide format print technology in your business can provide many benefits, including faster turnaround times, increased security and confidentiality, and potentially lower costs—depending on your print activity. This blog post will discuss each of these benefits.

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End-of-Life Device Recycling

Smart thinking. Making the connection between your organization’s office printing environment and our fragile planet’s environment is not only the right thing to do–it is the strategic thing to do. Unmanaged printer fleets expand in size and complexity in response to even the slightest growth. Think about it. The economy and wireless technologies are seemingly…

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