Are Phishing Attacks Angling for your Business?

According to Forbes, 83% of small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB) are not prepared to survive a cyberattack by hackers. Phishing emails are the most popular method hackers use to fool individuals into sharing passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data. Once they have this information, it’s a piece of cake to kidnap your data and hold it hostage. Like the majority of businesses, you now have two choices. Pay the ransom if possible or go out of business. How do you protect yourself from these phishing scams?

At Copiers Northwest, we take security and the network security of our customers as seriously as we take any role. Led by our talented and solution-oriented Integrated Solutions Group, we establish protocols to consistently remind your employees to:

· Have an antivirus system that’s always updated

· Ensure software updates are installed

· Help employees recognize fraudulent attempts and remind them to not open attachments, emails, and links if unsure of the sender

· Always err on the side of caution

· Remind everyone that legitimate brands don’t ask for sensitive information using email

In addition to these steps, Copiers Northwest represents hardware and software manufacturers that like us place a premium on network security. Contact your Copiers Northwest representative today and learn more about protecting your data, your company, and potentially you and your fellow employees’ jobs.