Document Process Automation on the Rise

Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends recently performed a study suggesting that the adoption of document solutions, like document capture and management platforms, is on the rise. Out of 250 U.S. general office workers surveyed, 60% reported that their organization has taken steps to simplify, remove, or automate document-related business operations. This figure could be higher, considering that 18% did not know whether this was the case.

Capture and Document Management Solutions: A Case for the Digitized Enterprise

Businesses across the globe are always on the lookout for new ways to improve processes and increase efficiency and productivity. Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends encourages businesses to consider investigating how converting paper-based business processes to digital form can do all three. This analysis piece will provide an overview of the key benefits offered by the combination of your multifunction printer (MFP), capture software, and a document management system (DMS).

5 Questions to Get You Thinking about Print Management

It makes no difference how big your company is or what industry you’re in, the net-net is that you want to save money. One area of your business that provides a golden opportunity to achieve this goal, along with addressing information security and environmental concerns, is your print environment.

The relationship between document imaging technologies and users is symbiotic: You can’t have one without the other. However, when organizations restructure their print environment, many of them place all the emphasis on the hardware and don’t address the human factor.

Lower Your Supplies Costs Without Sacrificing Print Quality, Reliability

This insight piece discusses some smart ways to lower your supplies costs without sacrificing print quality and reliability.

3 Tactics for Becoming a “Less Paper Office”

It really is a simple equation: Cut down on your printing and you’ll cut down on your costs.

To many people the “paperless office” is the Holy Grail, but the more realistic goal is the “less paper office”—and print management software can get there you. By placing your employees’ printing behavior under the microscope, you’ll promote both eco- and cost-conscious document output.

Sheep = Network Printer. Wolf = Security Breach

Copiers Northwest and BluZebra Technologies hosted a Lunch and Learn in Vancouver, Washington with HP onsite as their guest speaker.…