3 Myths of Managed Print Services

While hardly original or profound, it’s still worthy of constant repetition: The phased, strategic approach works. Say it again: The phased, strategic approach works. Like a mantra, those five words have a calming effect that helps keep things real. In perspective. And this method of executing in stages has a proven track record of success in business, sports, food services, you name it. Even the moon seems to have figured it out, though that system does turn “blue” from time to time.

Are Your Employees Printing Too Much?

It’s Not All about Hardware
So, you have the right devices in the right places, but what’s the next step in ensuring you’re printing in the most secure, cost-effective and efficient ways possible?

Elements of Wide Format Printing Workflow

This insight piece will discuss some common wide format printing workflow elements, including preflighting, imposition, integration with MIS systems, raster image processing, specialized external cutting, job submission, and finishing and distribution.

The Key to Collaborative Work: Versioning and Related Capability

Collaborative work environments are on the rise, but this style of working introduces significant challenges. When multiple users are working on a file, for example, unwanted changes can occur that may put the entire project in jeopardy. Luckily for the customers of leading document management solutions, version control functionality is in place to help workers stay productive while maintaining document integrity. This post blog provides background on version control capability, and how it helps employees.

Document Management Solutions Transform Customer Workflows

Intelligent capture, document management, and related solutions help organizations find new ways to improve document-related processes. Not only are they transforming the modern workplace, but they are seeing rapid adoption. This insight piece will focus on document management solutions, which help users work collaboratively as well as aggregate and share content.

Key Software Areas for Legal Process Improvement

When it comes to barriers to efficiency, law firms often indicate that paper and a lack of technology slow down processes. While law firms can’t necessarily control the kinds of tools clients have access to, they can bolster their own capabilities through new productivity software. This blog post will examine several areas of software that can benefit legal practices.

Automating Business Processes with Document Solutions

Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends research shows that anywhere from 51% to 67% of the documents coming into an organization are in paper format. To complete a comprehensive, pragmatic overhaul of their paper-based processes, businesses must turn to document capture and management solutions that can efficiently merge paper documents with electronic workflows.

Light Production Technology Removes Need for Print Shop

Do you currently outsource the printing of some or all corporate marketing materials? If so, it might be worth considering the alternative: printing these documents yourself. This insight piece will discuss several key reasons why producing marketing materials in house using light production technology might make the most sense for your company.